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Viral List Building on a Budget ~ Client Only Bonus

Viral List Building on a Budget ~ Client Only Bonus

When I was about 28 years old,
I was struggling to make money

A friend of mine, who was an
author, told me something one day.

“Jeff, if you want to make money
online…you need to either Build a LIST,
or find someone with a list!”

Neither of those things sounded very easy to me…

But it made perfect sense.

Everyone I knew that was making money
online had a HUGE following.

Not just a few hundred people…tens of THOUSANDS of people.


I had written a short ebook about
a nerdy little passion of mine in
the alternative energy niche.
(wasn’t necessary, there are affiliate books for sale too!)

and I knew of only ONE guy, that was
also in my niche, who had a HUGE LIST.

His name was Ozzie, and Ozzie had just made
9 MILLION DOLLARS from selling his own ebook online.

Ozzie’s list had about 150,000
people on it, and they knew him,
liked him, and respected him.

I got Ozzie to email his list, with
an offer to purchase my ebook for a WHOPPING
$67 per DOWNLOAD.

The first night, I made $25,000…and $40,000 within 4 days
as sales continued to trickle in…

The next week, he sent the offer again…and I raked in
another $12,000 from the SAME LIST.

$52,000 in less than 2 weeks…pretty awesome huh?

You bet it was…but there was a problem.  Out of 150,000 people being sent to my site, I had only collected about 2,500 email leads.

Though this is usually pretty good for getting about 10,000 clicks from the campaign, my list was still tiny, the market was limited, and I was stuck…again.  Oh sure, I would continue to work off of my own list for a while, do some consulting, etc, but the market was pretty much dead after that.  Tiny market = tiny money for the late-comer.

So did I quit?  Of course not.

I discovered that about 5 million people per MONTH, are trying to learn how to make money online…and I decided I would help them.

All good right?  Wrong.

Building a list was hard on a small budget.  Paying 50-60 cents a click for solo ads works, but it costs more than $1 per email lead…which is still a good investment.

You see, the rule of thumb for good internet marketers is as follows:

You should make approximately $1.00 USD per month, per subscriber in your database.

This is not always easy, but for good marketers, this is a norm.  Great marketers get $2.00 or more per subscriber, depending on the niche.

But what if you are on a budget?  Can’t afford $1.00 or more per lead, but want to build a big list, FAST?

I suggest you go viral…yes, I mean have hundreds, possibly THOUSANDS of people building your list for you and SLASH your “cost per lead” to a few pennies.

You got it.  There is FINALLY an amazing, viral system out there that will allow you to collect THOUSANDS of email leads on autopilot.

Best of all, it is 100% FREE (with limited functionality), or only $1.00 to upgrade to the Unlimited Pro Version (highly recommended).

If you decide to upgrade, you will then become my personal client, and I can point you in the right direction.

Here is the link:

Enter in your email there, and watch the quick video.

Again, this is HIGHLY recommended.

Once you upgrade, I’ll show you exactly how to use it to build a list of 10,000 people or more…and how the pros AUTOMATICALLY make $1.00 per subscriber!

Here is the link again for your Viral Email List System:

Let’s connect soon,

Jeff Sokol

PS.  When you upgrade, I have ANOTHER bonus for you, worth over $10,000.00

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