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INFINii Compensation Plan

INFINii Compensation Plan

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INFINii Compensation Plan

The INFINii Compensation Plan is one of the best compensation plans I have ever seen, with a ton of great ways to get paid.  Before we get into that, however, we need to understand what INFINii is, and how it works.

INFINii is a company that stemmed from DS Domination, which trained people to use eBay and Amazon to create a full time income online.  Being quite successful at this, they added a networking side to it, called INFINii.  Now what you can do with the platform is to buy wholesale, and sell retail on eBay, Amazon, and Shopify (including others as well).  The coolest part though, is that they do everything in between FOR YOU.

INFINii Compensation Plan HOT TOPICS:

1.)  It does NOT require one to recruit anyone to make money.  You can ONLY do the online buying and selling through the INFINii Springboard Platform, and earn money.

2.)  Should you choose to recruit, the INFINii Compensation Plan will reward you handsomely on many levels.  For example, one of the lower levels of “Director” can earn you a $20,000 bonus.

3.)  The INFINii Compensation Plan has more than $10,000,000 (Ten MILLION DOLLARS) in bonuses worked into the Compensation Plan at the higher levels.

4.)  This plan takes all of the BEST parts of two compensation plan styles, the binary and the uni-level.  This is a HYBRID which makes it ULTRA POWERFUL.  It is also easy to learn, and earn with this plan.

5.)  The INFINii Compensation Plan pays 5% to INFINITY from the middle levels on up, once you hit “Director”.  This is easy if you work.

6.)  This compensation plan has weekly pay, which keeps you in the GREEN while you are getting your business going.

7.)  The NO RECRUITING NECESSARY Springboard Platform lets you earn money IMMEDIATELY without recruiting.


There are lots of other things to show you, so watch this video.  Then when you are ready, contact me with your name and phone number on the right side of this page, and let me know!  Talk soon!

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