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MLM Prospecting Call (Recorded on Video with Explanation)

MLM Prospecting 101

When operating a home business, especially one such as network marketing, there are some basic skills you need to acquire.  One of them is how to prospect PROPERLY.  I take my prospects through a certain process, and for a first call, this is how we implement.

First, I find out who they are and what they do.

This was Damien  *******

He has two children, one wants to be a pro football player, the other wants to be a paralegal.

Damien is in his 30’s, sick of struggling, wants time freedom, wants to be happy, and is looking for a successful leader that can help him find the path to his success.

Notice in the video, how I didn’t mention about working together until the end of the call.  I didn’t even mention my company!

This wasn’t the BEST prospecting call ever, but it is typical of how a call goes.  This guy will end up coming on my team somewhere, at some point, because I took the time to find out what HE WANTS and what HE considers to be his version of success.

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