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MDPlus, 24/7 Doctor Access by Phone

If you haven’t heard about the latest “craze” in healthcare sweeping the nation, it’s time you crawl out from under that rock and explore telemedicine.

Like something from science fiction, doctors are now able to speak with a patient over the phone, or even on SKYPE, diagnose, and prescribe most medications.  Not only is this highly convenient for most common ailments, but MILLIONS of people are getting in on it.

MDPlus, is a company based in Tampa, Florida.  They are over 7 years old, and currently have OVER 3.5 million people paying them monthly for their services.  They are not the only game in town either, there are other companies capitalizing on what Americans need MOST right now, convenient, cost effective health care.

MDPlus offers live access to a doctor via the phone 24/7/365, rain or shine.

At the same time, MDPlus is helping millions, and even the government is getting in on it.  Recently, the State of Florida just signed up with them, and is signing up their medicaid patients to help unclog local emergency rooms, which is a big deal.

In the United States right now, there are over 50 MILLION people without healthcare services of ANY type…this is a huge market.

After researching MDPlus for a while, I finally joined them as a rep/customer at 2am with a BAD toothache, in need of antibiotics.  The doctor called me back immediately, I told her the issue, and she called in a script of penicillin for me to my local Walgreens.  It was just too easy.

If you would like more information about MDPlus, here is my link:  http://247doctor


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