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Letter to World Citizens. Americans, Please Share if you feel the same.

Dear Citizens of the World,

The United States of America is a good country, and in my opinion it is the greatest place of opportunity on the planet.  Our government, on the other hand, is doing everything they can, at every turn to corrupt our God blessed society into that of a corporate playground where EVERYTHING is for sale, even the lives of people.  For instance, the aluminum industry can dump it’s waste into our tap water supply to make our citizens more compliant.  This is the case of “Fluoride” if you aren’t in the know.  This isn’t how we want our water supply “treated” for our children.

Another thing is the pharmaceutical companies can make THOUSANDS of very, very harmful drugs that cause paralysis, loss of eyesight, coma, and death….but they are FDA approved, while natural medicines are made illegal because they compete with the pharmaceutical/chemical producers.  This isn’t how Americans want to to be cured of ailments.  Our chemical medicine does not cure, but “treats” the issue, but causes 3 more, which also need more medicine, and more, and more.  We need help in this area….and Americans know this.

The FDA allows things in our food that are BANNED in other countries because they are POISON, like Aspartame.  Yet they try to shut down farmers markets because they cannot be controlled.  CODEX ALIMENTARIUS goes into effect soon, please research that.

Our government is absolutely horrible, on both sides of the table.  They are corrupt, and attack anything that doesn’t suit their overall agenda, whatever the hell that is.  In America, we have a RIGHT to bear arms, but that does not make us a violent society.  There is no doubt that our politicians go to war for profit….war is extremely lucrative for a FEW.  This doesn’t make our COUNTRY bad, but our illegal political system has become overrun with internal crime and infested with a savagery that can only be likened to that of Ghengis Khan.

Our politicians LIE to the people to get elected, then do whatever they want while in office.  Then, they STILL lie about what they are doing while there.

We need a cleansing in the USA, and we know it.  Yes, we are proud of our country in many respects, and in some ways, not so proud.  Some of us are borderline arrogant or complete assholes to other cultures, we’re human.

We have the greatest country in the world, and have without a doubt, given more to the world than any other.  However, it is very possible to love your country, and loathe your government.

I am praying and working toward a new way of life.  We need a cleansing.  The corrupt governments of the world need to be overthrown, and a new system needs to be put in place.  Our monetary system is flawed and corrupt giving power to only a few.  Our media is full of lies only serving their corporate masters in a quest for total domination.

Justice will prevail and Americans WILL overthrow those who do NOT deserve to be in power.  We are ARMED citizens for a reason, arming a country’s citizens is the only way it can remain TRULY free.  This is the difference between a citizen, and a subject.  We will take our country back, and it will be by force.  I have no “master plan”, I’m not a military strategist, I am only a concerned citizen of the USA and the World.  Our country was set up this way.  We are proud of our history of independence and justice, and freedom of oppression.  I fear however, that our government is oppressing others in ways that we, as civilians, could not even imagine under the guise of “Peace.”

Please know that Americans are FINALLY seeing the light, and seeing what has been happening behind our backs.  We know Iraq was invaded for oil, and we used the atrocities of Saddam as an excuse.  Many of us KNOW that Afghanistan was invaded to control the opiate trade, and for America’s corporate interest to control the world’s largest lithium deposit.

Our government has labeled our entire society from that of doing right, to an empirically driven nation who just wants to conquer and spread military bases throughout the world for the “protection” of the American people.  They have convinced our society that the entire planet is out to get us, and that the best defense is a good offense.

I love my country, and I am proud for the help and aid we have given nations.  I am proud of our accomplishments in freeing the world from oppression, and how we come together in times of crisis while other countries would fall apart.  We are a proud society, with out a doubt.  We have our flaws, without a doubt.

Citizens of the World, please know that we are coming together, as a society, and waking up.  This is a time for awakening.  This is a call to the awake.  This is a call TO STEP UP,  TO RIGHT THE WRONGS, TO MAKE YOUR VOICES HEARD.

We no longer have time for fear, the time is here and now, and we must take what is rightfully ours, which is our human FREEDOMS that were given to us by God.  Man cannot give and take away your freedoms at will, GOD has given you your freedom, but it is YOU that must fight to keep it!


Thank you for reading.

Jeff Sokol

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