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How to Fly with the Eagles instead of Running with Turkeys

How to Fly with the Eagles instead of Running with Turkeys

I am a big believer in the statistic that you will have the average income of 5 people you hang around with the most. This may be difficult to hear for many people, and it was for me at first. You have heard the saying, “birds of a feather, flock together.” This also stems from “energy attracts like energy” and the Law of Attraction. Here’s the thing, we like hanging around people that are most like us. It is comforting to be around people who make less money than we do because then we don’t have anything to prove, and we can feel important. Hanging around people who make more money than we do, is a little intimidating at first. I understand, and I can sincerely empathize with you here.

What I will say next may come as a shock to you, but you need to find new friends. You need to hang around people who are more successful than you are, so their energy rubs off on you, and you will automatically start becoming more successful. This can be demonstrated through something we call “harmonic resonance.”

When you line up 5 or 10 tuning forks, and strike one fork, it will emit a vibrational tone. Very quickly, all of the other tuning forks will start emitting the exact same tone and frequency. This is harmonic resonance. Likewise, if you are around people who are less successful than you are, you will begin to align yourself with the unsuccessful mindsets of the other people, and you will be affected in the same way.

My suggestion is not to kick out your buddies, but elevate them. Find a new group of friends, with positive attitudes, that are success and wealth oriented, who have goals and work every day to accomplish them, and that make more money than you do. Then, when you have been around these guys for a while, and are doing better, you can elevate your other friends one at a time, by bringing them into the group.

Here are a few ways to meet successful people:

• Join a country club and start playing golf. Many very fun successful entrepreneurs enjoy the game of golf, and are very open to playing with others on the course.

• Join a network marketing company. Network marketing is full of positivity and leadership. Join someone who is well known for being a leader, and make sure the person has time for you personally. They will mentor you, and do what it takes to help you achieve success in all areas of your life. In network marketing, friendships become very close and we work together on a daily basis, all elevating one another toward success.

• Join a Meetup Group. If you look on there is bound to be a success oriented, or entrepreneur oriented meetup in your area. Join that, and actively participate.

• Join your local Chamber of Commerce. You do not need a business to join the local chamber, you can join just for network purposes. Go to the meetings, Business After-Hours, etc. and begin meeting successful, like-minded people you would enjoy hanging out with on a regular basis.

• Attend industry events. For example, network marketing companies have national trainings, conventions, vacations, etc. There are also industry events for network marketing, direct sales, and internet marketing such as “No Excuses.” Join my mailing list and I will see that you get notification the next time tickets become available. This is a great way to get face time with highly successful leaders in the home based business and direct sales arenas.

“I absorb the positive energy from the successful people in and around my life, and I discard the negative energy. I make it my goal to associate with successful, positive people.”

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