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Fighting in MLM: Fist Fights Over Money and Pride

Fighting in MLM:  Fist Fights Over Money and Pride 640w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" />In case you have been under a rock and haven’t heard, two MLM Rock Stars got into an all out BATTLE at Jonathan Budd’s house the other day after J Budd’s event.  Who was it?  I am not going to disclose that info.  This article is not about who got a black eye, or a busted lip, who was right, wrong, or who started what.  This isn’t your digital water cooler.

The purpose of this article is about creating peace, and loving those in our industry for who they are, and where they are at the moment.  I know this isn’t exactly going to make local headlines, and won’t create a huge BUZZ around facebook with massive polarity, but this is important.  It is important to realize that when people start something as entrepreneurs, they start out with the best of intentions and sometimes things fail, go bad, or just don’t work out.  Sometimes people get in over their heads and can’t make payouts, etc.

The problem here, is that your reputation will be damaged beyond repair if arrangements aren’t made, people bust their butts to recruit 100 people or more, expecting a $10,000 check, and it just doesn’t ever show up.  One of the brawlers this past weekend sealed his fate with these kinds of stunts.  He should have paid people out, or at least have been honest when things aren’t going right.

Other entrepreneurs, like David Wood and David Sharpe, have seen this kind of adversity and trudged through the mud and the muck to make it out on the other side.  Dirty and sweaty, but otherwise unscathed with some great business experience.  These men were honest the entire time, and put their egos aside for the greater good of the company.  Such integrity is rare and is to be greatly admired.

The point is, in our industry we have a gift, and our job is to give that gift to others.  We have the gift of a HOME BUSINESS.  We can help people make more money in their lives, and accomplish whatever it is they want to accomplish.  Do not give up on that, this is something special.

Did you know that an extra $250 per month would have prevented 90% of the foreclosures in the United States in the past few years??  A SIMPLE $250!

Would it be better to work as a team, no matter what company you are with, and realize that as an industry we are doing something amazing here?  I think it would.

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Love you!


Jeff Sokol


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