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Crushing the Comfort Zone

Crushing the Comfort Zone

Do not let your comfort zone hold you back!

We touch on this point often in my coaching sessinos, but I find it so vitally important that I am coming back to it in hopes of installing this into your brain for good. Success breeds success. This is not some new age mantra, but rather is one of the cornerstones of successful people.

Do you ever see successful people hanging around negative people? I don’t. I see successful people hanging around other successful people. Is this because they are snobs? No, it isn’t. Poor and unsuccessful people would see it that way, and usually do. “Oh, he thinks he’s too good for us…” Or my favorite, “As soon as he got rich he forgot all about his friends…” I can tell you that 9 times out of 10, or maybe even 99 times out of 100, the person who found success was not being a snob, he just knows that it takes to be successful, and to maintain his success. He knows that in order to be successful, he has to hang around other successful people.

Mr. Success knows that his energy and mindset will be affected in all situations due to harmonic resonance. Therefore, he chooses to put himself in situations where his mindset and energy will be affected in a positive manner, therefore enhancing his own successful attributes.

Before he became successful, he made it a point to start hanging out with more successful people, instead of his high school buddies that never really amounted to much in the way of success. He realized that his income would be the average of the top 5 people he hangs around the most, so he just found other friends. Successful people all do this, which is why you never see successful guys hanging out with guys that decided to make a career of managing a Burger King. There is nothing wrong with the BK path, but if you aspire to do more with your life, then you need to hang out with people with more ambition and drive for success.

As humans, we have a comfort zone in which we like to stay. Our ego minds tell us to stay in this little box, where it is safe, so you don’t get hurt. Our egos are there to protect us, and often times they do. However, these same devices can also hinder our success if we allow them to do so. They can actually keep us from growing. If you are not stepping out of your comfort zone, you are not growing, and therefore you cannot become successful if you do not grow by learning new things and having new experiences. Let me repeat, YOU CANNOT BECOME SUCCESSFUL IF YOU DO NOT GROW BY LEARNING NEW THINGS AND HAVING NEW EXPERIENCES.

Some people, me included, are intimidated at first when it comes to hanging out with successful people. For me the transition was not too big of a deal, because I was raised around successful people, but finding OTHER successful people to befriend was indeed a bit scary. I found that I judged myself too much, and didn’t feel that I was “worthy” to be around them because I hadn’t yet reached success. What a load of BS that turned out to be. You create your own level of worth, and when I realized that, I become unstoppable. From that point forward I could meet anyone from the Burger King Manager to Donald Trump, and feel completely secure.

Stepping out of one’s comfort zone is understandably difficult. I would urge you in this scenario to consider your “Why,” and you will soon discover that there was not much to be afraid of in the first place. Successful people don’t bite, and are usually very polite. We are also very accepting of others who are genuinely looking to better themselves. Therefore, if you are truly looking to increase your level of wealth and success, then you should have no problem finding some eagles in your local area with which you can soar.

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