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INFINii Compensation Plan

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INFINii Compensation Plan

The INFINii Compensation Plan is one of the best compensation plans I have ever seen, with a ton of great ways to get paid.  Before we get into that, however, we need to understand what INFINii is, and how it works.

INFINii is a company that stemmed from DS Domination, which trained people to use eBay and Amazon to create a full time income online.  Being quite successful at this, they added a networking side to it, called INFINii.  Now what you can do with the platform is to buy wholesale, and sell retail on eBay, Amazon, and Shopify (including others as well).  The coolest part though, is that they do everything in between FOR YOU.

INFINii Compensation Plan HOT TOPICS:

1.)  It does NOT require one to recruit anyone to make money.  You can ONLY do the online buying and selling through the INFINii Springboard Platform, and earn money.

2.)  Should you choose to recruit, the INFINii Compensation Plan will reward you handsomely on many levels.  For example, one of the lower levels of “Director” can earn you a $20,000 bonus.

3.)  The INFINii Compensation Plan has more than $10,000,000 (Ten MILLION DOLLARS) in bonuses worked into the Compensation Plan at the higher levels.

4.)  This plan takes all of the BEST parts of two compensation plan styles, the binary and the uni-level.  This is a HYBRID which makes it ULTRA POWERFUL.  It is also easy to learn, and earn with this plan.

5.)  The INFINii Compensation Plan pays 5% to INFINITY from the middle levels on up, once you hit “Director”.  This is easy if you work.

6.)  This compensation plan has weekly pay, which keeps you in the GREEN while you are getting your business going.

7.)  The NO RECRUITING NECESSARY Springboard Platform lets you earn money IMMEDIATELY without recruiting.


There are lots of other things to show you, so watch this video.  Then when you are ready, contact me with your name and phone number on the right side of this page, and let me know!  Talk soon!

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MDPlus, 24/7 Doctor Access by Phone

If you haven’t heard about the latest “craze” in healthcare sweeping the nation, it’s time you crawl out from under that rock and explore telemedicine.

Like something from science fiction, doctors are now able to speak with a patient over the phone, or even on SKYPE, diagnose, and prescribe most medications.  Not only is this highly convenient for most common ailments, but MILLIONS of people are getting in on it.

MDPlus, is a company based in Tampa, Florida.  They are over 7 years old, and currently have OVER 3.5 million people paying them monthly for their services.  They are not the only game in town either, there are other companies capitalizing on what Americans need MOST right now, convenient, cost effective health care.

MDPlus offers live access to a doctor via the phone 24/7/365, rain or shine.

At the same time, MDPlus is helping millions, and even the government is getting in on it.  Recently, the State of Florida just signed up with them, and is signing up their medicaid patients to help unclog local emergency rooms, which is a big deal.

In the United States right now, there are over 50 MILLION people without healthcare services of ANY type…this is a huge market.

After researching MDPlus for a while, I finally joined them as a rep/customer at 2am with a BAD toothache, in need of antibiotics.  The doctor called me back immediately, I told her the issue, and she called in a script of penicillin for me to my local Walgreens.  It was just too easy.

If you would like more information about MDPlus, here is my link:  http://247doctor


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Finding the Right Home Business Opportunity

Entering the world of network marketing can be a scary place without the right guide.  This is why I strongly suggest you find yourself a good coach who knows the ropes and has been there already.  A good coach can make the difference in your success in any endeavor you choose, especially in network marketing.

The best place to find a good coach is within the opportunity you decide to follow.  So let’s start out with determining which opportunity is right for you.

First of all, you will have to determine if you want to work every day for the rest of your life and hopefully retire, or if you want a residual income.  For the purposes of this book, we’ll go with a residual income because I am going to assume that something I have written on this subject sank in, and that you are a smart person who wants unlimited potential and unlimited abundance.

So, where can we find residual income?  Network marketing, and sometimes affiliate marketing will provide residual income.  Coaching will generally only come through network marketing, and a few select opportunities in affiliate marketing, but these are few and far between.

So since you want coaching, and residual income, then we will settle on network marketing.  So how do you choose a company?  Make sure the company is at MINIMUM 2 years old, and then consider the following:


First, the product should make sense to you and be in alignment with your goals and desires.  Do they have a product that is marketable, that people can use on a regular basis for years to come?  Does the product create a lasting asset with value for centuries?  Or will it expire in 6 months?  Does the company have a buy back guarantee on product?  If so, how long?  What is this attrition rate?  For example, if the product is a weight loss product, do people quit buying after they lose the weight in 90 days?  All of these are product questions.  Look for a product that you will be proud to own, and will increase in value over time, in an industry that is in high demand and on trend, not a fad.

Here are some of the more popular industries that are highly competitive:

  • Health and Wellness (i.e. everything from healthy coffee, to diet shakes, and super juices)
  • Cosmetics (i.e. lotions, potions, & lipstick)
  • Home Needs (i.e. Soap, toothpaste, detergent, and other household items)
  • Telecommunications (i.e. Phone services)
  • Utilities (i.e. home power)

I suggest you find an industry that is much less competitive, and in very high demand on an upward trend that spans decades.  There is one company in particular out there, and through links on the Resource page you can find it pretty easily.

Corporate Leadership

Next, look at the leadership of the company.  Was the company founded by network marketers?  Or was it founded by corporate guys who think network marketing may be a good way to distribute product?  Ideally, you want a company founded by guys who were already network marketers to begin with, and have impeccable moral values regarding integrity.  You also want founders with which you can speak to personally if necessary, and aren’t hidden behind some sort of protective veil or gatekeeper secretaries.  You want founders who are leaders themselves, with a historical track record of success in network marketing.

Compensation Plan

After you have found a good company, look at the compensation plan.  You will want a compensation plan that has a history of success and provides a high level of income to team member ratio.  My buddy made $52,000 in residual income one month, with only 800 people on his team pay leg.  This is huge, and one of the highest in the industry.  This is the mark of a great compensation plan.  WARNING:  There are companies out there full of hype, saying they are giving away luxury cars, etc. when this is not the case.  You will get lured in with the promise of a new “luxury” sedan, but they are basically giving you a car allowance toward this new base model vehicle, and will be quick to throw you the car note if for some reason you aren’t able to keep performing.  Look at the real compensation plan for long term growth, not for the short term hype.

Sometimes however, short term income can be important to compensate for the long term build of a successful and profitable network marketing team.  So make sure your company has good up front bonuses for recruiting, and even what we call “Coded Matching Bonuses,” which means you can make a ton of money off of the recruiting that other people are doing.  For instance, if your company has a coded matching bonus for $100, that means you get $100 for every time someone you recruit, recruits someone.  So if you bring in 25 people personally, and each one of those people brings in 3 people per month, 25 x 3 = 75 members per month, x $100 = $7,500 per month in coded matching bonuses.  This is why duplication and training is so important, so your team is actually productive.


How much competition does the company have?  Determine competition with this formula, Global Demand Worldwide for the Industry / Number of Network Marketing companies in Industry.  For example, Health and Wellness is a $37 billion dollar industry worldwide, with 4,500 network marketing companies in the health and wellness arena.  I don’t know about you, but 4,500 companies competing for the same dollar are a lot!  That leaves about $8.22 million dollars in annual revenue per company.  Not too much is it?  There is one company out there, in a $100 Billion Dollar Industry, with zero competition!  Even 1% of that pie for the network marketing company is $1 BILLION in revenue for the company.  Can you see the difference here?  Good.

Timing 522w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" />

You have heard before that “timing is everything.”  The same is true in network marketing.  The most important time for you to join a network marketing company is pre-momentum.  So what is momentum?  Momentum is part of a company’s life cycle.  It goes from Startup, Pre-momentum, Momentum, Maturation, Saturation, and then Decline.  Every network marketing company goes through this process, and your job is to get in PRE-MOMENTUM or in the Introduction Stage.  People at companies that go through Momentum while building their businesses will usually end up in retirement on the other side of it in 18 months or so.  Below is an illustration displaying the life cycle of a network marketing company.


Hopefully this demonstrates the importance of getting into a company PRE-Momentum.  Finding the right company can be difficult, without the right person the walk you through it.  Get in before momentum hits!


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In prosperity,

Jeff Sokol

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