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Viral List Building on a Budget ~ Client Only Bonus

When I was about 28 years old,
I was struggling to make money

A friend of mine, who was an
author, told me something one day.

“Jeff, if you want to make money
online…you need to either Build a LIST,
or find someone with a list!”

Neither of those things sounded very easy to me…

But it made perfect sense.

Everyone I knew that was making money
online had a HUGE following.

Not just a few hundred people…tens of THOUSANDS of people.


I had written a short ebook about
a nerdy little passion of mine in
the alternative energy niche.
(wasn’t necessary, there are affiliate books for sale too!)

and I knew of only ONE guy, that was
also in my niche, who had a HUGE LIST.

His name was Ozzie, and Ozzie had just made
9 MILLION DOLLARS from selling his own ebook online.

Ozzie’s list had about 150,000
people on it, and they knew him,
liked him, and respected him.

I got Ozzie to email his list, with
an offer to purchase my ebook for a WHOPPING
$67 per DOWNLOAD.

The first night, I made $25,000…and $40,000 within 4 days
as sales continued to trickle in…

The next week, he sent the offer again…and I raked in
another $12,000 from the SAME LIST.

$52,000 in less than 2 weeks…pretty awesome huh?

You bet it was…but there was a problem.  Out of 150,000 people being sent to my site, I had only collected about 2,500 email leads.

Though this is usually pretty good for getting about 10,000 clicks from the campaign, my list was still tiny, the market was limited, and I was stuck…again.  Oh sure, I would continue to work off of my own list for a while, do some consulting, etc, but the market was pretty much dead after that.  Tiny market = tiny money for the late-comer.

So did I quit?  Of course not.

I discovered that about 5 million people per MONTH, are trying to learn how to make money online…and I decided I would help them.

All good right?  Wrong.

Building a list was hard on a small budget.  Paying 50-60 cents a click for solo ads works, but it costs more than $1 per email lead…which is still a good investment.

You see, the rule of thumb for good internet marketers is as follows:

You should make approximately $1.00 USD per month, per subscriber in your database.

This is not always easy, but for good marketers, this is a norm.  Great marketers get $2.00 or more per subscriber, depending on the niche.

But what if you are on a budget?  Can’t afford $1.00 or more per lead, but want to build a big list, FAST?

I suggest you go viral…yes, I mean have hundreds, possibly THOUSANDS of people building your list for you and SLASH your “cost per lead” to a few pennies.

You got it.  There is FINALLY an amazing, viral system out there that will allow you to collect THOUSANDS of email leads on autopilot.

Best of all, it is 100% FREE (with limited functionality), or only $1.00 to upgrade to the Unlimited Pro Version (highly recommended).

If you decide to upgrade, you will then become my personal client, and I can point you in the right direction.

Here is the link:

Enter in your email there, and watch the quick video.

Again, this is HIGHLY recommended.

Once you upgrade, I’ll show you exactly how to use it to build a list of 10,000 people or more…and how the pros AUTOMATICALLY make $1.00 per subscriber!

Here is the link again for your Viral Email List System:

Let’s connect soon,

Jeff Sokol

PS.  When you upgrade, I have ANOTHER bonus for you, worth over $10,000.00

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Invite All Friends – Using Invite All Friends App for Facebook Marketing

How to Invite All Friends on Facebook

by Jeff Sokol

Until recently, if you wanted to invite all friends to your facebook web event, party, or even to “like” a page, you had to go one by one and click on each individual person you wanted to invite…that’s fine if you have 43 friends and they are mostly relatives, but that can really get tiresome when you have multiple thousands of  “friends” like I do.

So a few weeks ago, I saw this lady was hosting a webinar and she created an event.  I saw that she invited like 4,000 people!  I asked, “how the heck did you do that??”  She pointed me in the direction of this sweet little app for Google Chrome called “Facebook Invite All Friends Pro”.

First, you need to download Google Chrome if you don’t already have it.  Open the browser, and paste this link:


    Invite all Friends

Pro should be at the top of the list.  Just click on it and go from there.  The video will explain it’s function.

There ya go, now you can invite all friends on facebook to your next web event and get your promotion going viral!!

Did you get some value out of this?  Well…share it!  Thanks.



Don’t forget to invite all friends to this website!

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MLM Prospecting Call (Recorded on Video with Explanation)

MLM Prospecting 101

When operating a home business, especially one such as network marketing, there are some basic skills you need to acquire.  One of them is how to prospect PROPERLY.  I take my prospects through a certain process, and for a first call, this is how we implement.

First, I find out who they are and what they do.

This was Damien  *******

He has two children, one wants to be a pro football player, the other wants to be a paralegal.

Damien is in his 30’s, sick of struggling, wants time freedom, wants to be happy, and is looking for a successful leader that can help him find the path to his success.

Notice in the video, how I didn’t mention about working together until the end of the call.  I didn’t even mention my company!

This wasn’t the BEST prospecting call ever, but it is typical of how a call goes.  This guy will end up coming on my team somewhere, at some point, because I took the time to find out what HE WANTS and what HE considers to be his version of success.

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How to Find a Good Upline

Finding a Good Coach/Upline

Today we are going to talk about what it takes to find a good coach for your home business.  Obviously I would consider myself to be a good coach/leader in the industry, but the criteria below are the things the like look for in a leader.  First, for you new guys in the business, let’s start from the beginning….”What is an upline?”

Upline:  A person in your direct lineage in your chosen company, and often times the person who personally enrolled you into the business

Once you have found the opportunity you want, now it is time to select a coach, and join their team.  A good leader will have several attributes that will be able to help you out.

1.)  Make sure the person you join will be around for the long haul in the company, you don’t want to follow someone who jumps from company to company, so inquire as to how many companies he has been in previously, and why he left them.  I personally have been in other companies before, so there is no crime against it, but the person you join should have a valid reason for leaving.  You want your network marketing mentor to be committed to the company you are helping to build, at least for the first year or so of your business.

2.)  Is your coach a good recruiter?  Can he/she really teach you anything?  Will you be sorry in 6 months that you joined this person?  I have been there, and believe me, it isn’t cool when you look into hindsight, and you realize you would have been better off joining someone else for the team they create around you, and the value they bring to the table.

3.)  Can he/she provide MORE to you than just network marketing training, but inspiration as well?  Can they help you stay on track, and are they committed to your success?  Usually this kind of loyalty must be earned, but it is the sign of a good coach and mentor.

4.)  How much success has this person had?  Perhaps the person you choose may be new to your company, but how much success has the person had in life in general?  Has he/she had other successful ventures in the past?  Is the person published?  Do they have a following?  Are they TOO big and popular to give you personal support?  What can they teach you personally about this business to help you become successful?

5.)  Can they help your business?  If you find a company with a good binary compensation plan, join someone who can put a lot of people underneath you to help get your team started.  These kinds of guys are well known and good recruiters.  They may be authors, speakers, well known personalities, or all three.  In a binary, this is like fighting the battle being already won, which makes it much easier on you as far as volume is concerned.

6.)  Make sure that you RESONATE with the person you are joining.  After all is said in done, can you get along with this person?  In my personal style for example, I am very encouraging, but in a tough love sort of way.  This is still a business, and I treat it as such.  There are people out there in network marketing, playing around online, just to make friends which will not resonate with me, because they just aren’t interested in working.  My training is “Why” based, with perks for performance.  I live by the 80/20 rule (80% of the work will be done by the top 20% of your team, so I spend 80% of my time with my top 20%), and the people that just want friends aren’t cool with that, which is fine.  Don’t get me wrong, I work with some guys on my team that I consider very close friends from all over the world, but we also work to enhance our businesses as well.  So find someone you resonate with, and that will give you what you need to succeed.

In this industry, I have had people join my team without even speaking to me, just asking for a link to join.  Other people want to do hours of research and have countless conversations before they join a company.  I prefer the guy or gal who knows they are ready for success, and they are ready for a good coach.

I would advise you to not “interview” these leaders when looking for an upline.   They are very likely to tell you that you joining their business will not make them or break them, because they are good and they are confident in their skills and abilities.

When looking for a coach, here are a few ways to be a good student:

1.)                Be humble enough to be coachable, put the pride aside so you can learn.

2.)                Appreciate the time the person is taking to help you build your business

3.)                Be positive, be ready to learn, and step out of your comfort zone to grow.

4.)                Do not complain about other opportunities, or anything at all for that matter, we want winners on our teams.

5.)                Do not act as if you are doing the person a favor by joining their team.  In actuality, they are doing you a favor by spending time with you to show you the ropes.  Yes, it is your upline’s job to do so, but not his obligation if you turn out to be a bad student.  We want to hang around positive and energetic people with a desire to succeed.  Try to display that sort of enthusiasm when around the leaders in your company and your upline, and you will reap heavy rewards in the future.

6.)                Do the work.  Nothing is worse than when I spend an hour on the phone with someone, teaching them what to do, and what they need to do to succeed, and the person doesn’t take action.  I feel like I wasted my breath, and my time with that person, which I consider to be very valuable.  We understand that there are extenuating circumstances, but when you commit to doing something, have enough integrity to do it when you can, and let your coach know if something comes up.  Just “not doing” it and coming up with excuses like, “my cousin came over and we went to the movies” kind of crap will cause your coach to drop you like a hot horseshoe.  Just do the work and be honest with your coach, he or she is there to help you.

The network marketing coach and student are engaged in a win/win situation, which is what makes network marketing such a beautiful opportunity and such an amazingly positive industry.  We are full of fun, and all have similar goals for our lives.  The network marketing industry will make you some of the best friends you have ever had, and you will find very loving, positive, and supportive energy all around.  To nearly 75 million networkers worldwide, this is the best industry in the world.

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In Prosperity,


Jeff Sokol

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