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INFINii Compensation Plan

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INFINii Compensation Plan

The INFINii Compensation Plan is one of the best compensation plans I have ever seen, with a ton of great ways to get paid.  Before we get into that, however, we need to understand what INFINii is, and how it works.

INFINii is a company that stemmed from DS Domination, which trained people to use eBay and Amazon to create a full time income online.  Being quite successful at this, they added a networking side to it, called INFINii.  Now what you can do with the platform is to buy wholesale, and sell retail on eBay, Amazon, and Shopify (including others as well).  The coolest part though, is that they do everything in between FOR YOU.

INFINii Compensation Plan HOT TOPICS:

1.)  It does NOT require one to recruit anyone to make money.  You can ONLY do the online buying and selling through the INFINii Springboard Platform, and earn money.

2.)  Should you choose to recruit, the INFINii Compensation Plan will reward you handsomely on many levels.  For example, one of the lower levels of “Director” can earn you a $20,000 bonus.

3.)  The INFINii Compensation Plan has more than $10,000,000 (Ten MILLION DOLLARS) in bonuses worked into the Compensation Plan at the higher levels.

4.)  This plan takes all of the BEST parts of two compensation plan styles, the binary and the uni-level.  This is a HYBRID which makes it ULTRA POWERFUL.  It is also easy to learn, and earn with this plan.

5.)  The INFINii Compensation Plan pays 5% to INFINITY from the middle levels on up, once you hit “Director”.  This is easy if you work.

6.)  This compensation plan has weekly pay, which keeps you in the GREEN while you are getting your business going.

7.)  The NO RECRUITING NECESSARY Springboard Platform lets you earn money IMMEDIATELY without recruiting.


There are lots of other things to show you, so watch this video.  Then when you are ready, contact me with your name and phone number on the right side of this page, and let me know!  Talk soon!

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Your “Why” Will Make You RICH…

Below is an excerpt from my latest book, Get in the Game, published by Tate Publishing.

It is a simple EXERCISE to figure out your “Why”…

You “Why” is your most important tool in your arsenal, because when the fear and doubt starts rearing it’s ugly head, your “WHY” will be there to stand strong and get you immediately back on track.

Some examples of a “Why” are as follows:

  • – I want my children to have a private school education and go to college.
  • – I want more time freedom, to enjoy with my family.
  • – I want to be available to my family for all of the important things, dance recitals, baseball games, etc.
  • – I want a shiny red car…
  • – I want to buy a new home for my family…

The list can go on and on…

I hope the exercise below helps you, and if it does…please share it with others.  Thanks.

Step 1, Defining Your Game (Pen and Paper Exercise)

The first thing we will do is to define your game, the “Game of Life”, if you will.  What do you hold sacred?  What matters most to you?  Obviously you have certain necessities such as food, shelter, clothing, etc., but what about these below:

Take out a sheet of paper, and rate each area listed below from 1-10.  Once you are finished, take a look at it, this is your Cheese, and the beginning of something much greater.  Keep this paper handy because you will need it further into the book.

  • Social Status

Is keeping up with the Jones’ important to you?  Perhaps you are a pillar of your community, or would like to be an important and well-liked citizen.  You might want to even run for some sort of public office.  Social status is important because even though it is purely perception, it makes us feel valuable in society and our community.  Social status gives us a sense of belonging and acceptance which is perfectly fine and normal.  As humans we are social creatures, and in many cases our place in the world is vital to our happiness.

  • Possessions

When we mention possessions, this has different meanings for different people.  For some, it’s a new house or flashy car and to others it is their grandmother’s ring being passed down generation after generation.  We have possessions that often define our personalities.   Consider which possessions you hold dear, be it for deep, sentimental reasons or even seemingly shallow reasons.  No one is being judged, this is an exercise just for you.

  • Family and other loved ones?

Family is extremely important, as they should be your support structure in times of crisis.  No family?  Then use your friends.  Even if you don’t think you have friends, someone out  there loves you, Guaranteed.

  • Security

Security can come in many different forms, whether it is financial security, social security, or even if you keep loaded guns in your home to protect from invasion.  Consider which kind of security is important to you, if at all.

  • Wealth

Do you want a huge yacht or a jet?  Or just be well off enough to not have to work anymore.  If Wealth is important to your happiness, write it down.

  • Health

Whether you want to live to be 142 years old or simply believe that you should eat right, consider how important health is to you in your life.

  • Happiness

Most people don’t choose happiness as high on their lists, because they believe having financial success, time freedom, and loved ones will inherently provide happiness.  Perhaps they are correct.  How important is happiness to you?

  • Freedom

Doing what you want, when you want, how you want, where you want….yes, it is awesome.  But how important is it to YOU?

  • Time

Time to do the things you want to do most in life, your most precious commodity.

  • Love

Love with your significant other, family, friends, or just love for your fellow man.  How does it make you feel and how important is this to you?

Step 2, Developing Your Game (Your Personal Reasons for Achieving Success)

Now that you have your list written down, and rated from 1-10, take the 3 or 4 highest rated valuables and circle them.  This will tell you what you want in your life, and you will be shown you a technique to help you achieve those results and have those things in your life which you hold most dear.  This is a very powerful technique, and is used by nearly every successful person on Earth to get them through the toughest times, and to help them remember “Why” they do what they do, and “Why” they strive for success and give it their all on a daily basis.

The process is called, if you haven’t already guessed, “Finding Your ‘Why’.”

Now let’s go a little deeper into the rabbit hole.  Take the top 2, 3, or 4 valuables and elaborate on them.  For instance, if “Freedom” and “Wealth” are important to you, write down exactly Why it they are important to you.  Dig deep.

As an example, perhaps you want “Freedom to enjoy your family more often, and the wealth to give your children a better childhood than you had growing up, with three for four family vacations a year.”

Write it in this format, “I am committed to achieving Ultimate Success, so I can have the Freedom to be with those that I Love in my family, and the Wealth to give my family the financial Security I never had as a child.”

This process should jerk a tear or two.  If it doesn’t move you, then dig deeper and make it stronger.   When finished, place it in several places where you will see it and read it on a daily basis aloud to yourself, with your hand on your chest.

This is extremely important to your success.  Work on this until it is right…Your Success Depends on this, first and foremost.

If you complete this exercise right now, your chances of success will go up at least one hundred fold.

Step 3, Discovering Affirmations

Affirmations are reinforcements you give to yourself directly on a daily basis to effect a positive change in your life.  You will see positive affirmations throughout this book and they should be taken seriously.  Put your hand on your chest as you say the affirmations, so you can feel the vibrations.  These vibrations will help to anchor the belief into your being, and you will be subconsciously reminded of the affirmation every time you touch your chest.

You might think it is hokey or weird, and if that is the case, ask yourself which is more important; Being Cool, or Realizing the Dreams laid out in your “Why”?

Here is an example of an affirmation, put your hand on your chest and say:

“I am the creator of my own life and my own destiny.  My ‘Why’ is stronger than my fears and doubts, and I Do whatever it takes to Achieve Ultimate Success on a Daily Basis”

As mentioned before, you will see affirmations spread throughout this book, and I highly encourage you to write them down and read them all aloud to yourself as a ritual every day.  You don’t need to light candles or anything, just make it one of your new success habits.


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Have an amazing day!

Jeff Sokol

PS.  To get the Get in the Game ebook, the 14 Part Video series, the 14 Part mp3 series, and over $10,000 in BonusesClick Here

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How to Fly with the Eagles instead of Running with Turkeys

I am a big believer in the statistic that you will have the average income of 5 people you hang around with the most. This may be difficult to hear for many people, and it was for me at first. You have heard the saying, “birds of a feather, flock together.” This also stems from “energy attracts like energy” and the Law of Attraction. Here’s the thing, we like hanging around people that are most like us. It is comforting to be around people who make less money than we do because then we don’t have anything to prove, and we can feel important. Hanging around people who make more money than we do, is a little intimidating at first. I understand, and I can sincerely empathize with you here.

What I will say next may come as a shock to you, but you need to find new friends. You need to hang around people who are more successful than you are, so their energy rubs off on you, and you will automatically start becoming more successful. This can be demonstrated through something we call “harmonic resonance.”

When you line up 5 or 10 tuning forks, and strike one fork, it will emit a vibrational tone. Very quickly, all of the other tuning forks will start emitting the exact same tone and frequency. This is harmonic resonance. Likewise, if you are around people who are less successful than you are, you will begin to align yourself with the unsuccessful mindsets of the other people, and you will be affected in the same way.

My suggestion is not to kick out your buddies, but elevate them. Find a new group of friends, with positive attitudes, that are success and wealth oriented, who have goals and work every day to accomplish them, and that make more money than you do. Then, when you have been around these guys for a while, and are doing better, you can elevate your other friends one at a time, by bringing them into the group.

Here are a few ways to meet successful people:

• Join a country club and start playing golf. Many very fun successful entrepreneurs enjoy the game of golf, and are very open to playing with others on the course.

• Join a network marketing company. Network marketing is full of positivity and leadership. Join someone who is well known for being a leader, and make sure the person has time for you personally. They will mentor you, and do what it takes to help you achieve success in all areas of your life. In network marketing, friendships become very close and we work together on a daily basis, all elevating one another toward success.

• Join a Meetup Group. If you look on there is bound to be a success oriented, or entrepreneur oriented meetup in your area. Join that, and actively participate.

• Join your local Chamber of Commerce. You do not need a business to join the local chamber, you can join just for network purposes. Go to the meetings, Business After-Hours, etc. and begin meeting successful, like-minded people you would enjoy hanging out with on a regular basis.

• Attend industry events. For example, network marketing companies have national trainings, conventions, vacations, etc. There are also industry events for network marketing, direct sales, and internet marketing such as “No Excuses.” Join my mailing list and I will see that you get notification the next time tickets become available. This is a great way to get face time with highly successful leaders in the home based business and direct sales arenas.

“I absorb the positive energy from the successful people in and around my life, and I discard the negative energy. I make it my goal to associate with successful, positive people.”

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How to Think BIG

How Big is Your Success?

“I like thinking big. If you’re going to be thinking anything, you
might as well think big.”-Donald Trump

Well that depends on how big you can think. You deserve abundance in your life to the fullest extent possible, which is infinite, so how big can you think? People who are successful do not put limitations on themselves, so they are naturally big thinkers, or have become big thinkers by force of habit.

Unfortunately, our modern world has placed a taboo for many on thinking big. There is so much negativity all over the place that people become afraid to share a big idea for fear of what we discussed earlier, ridicule, rejection, etc. The ridicule may even come from people that really do mean well, such as a parent or a friend for example. They may just be trying to “protect” you from failure because they themselves are too small of a person to know it can be done, and it can be done by you. People who are successful will know that you can do anything you put your mind to, no matter how big it is.

Realize that many of these people do mean well, while others are just so ignorant, they can barely walk down the street without bumping into something. I’ll give you a few examples from my own experiences on this.

A family member of mine, who is very wealthy, is always very supportive of everything I have ever done. He has always told me, “You can do anything you put your mind to, Jeff. Just keep on trying.” This man has a successful wealth mindset. He has passed this success mindset onto his son as well, and his life is one of luxury yachts, a private jet, world travel, etc. He has been a great inspiration in my life for what is possible. He has no hang ups about success, no negative beliefs about what can or can’t be done. He just does it.

Another family member of mine saw how supportive we are of each other in network marketing. He proceeded to say “Y’all are just blowing smoke up each other’s ass, telling each other how great you are….You need to get to work and make something of yourself with a real job and quit all this ‘pie in the sky’ bullshit.” Needless to say, this was hurtful. I couldn’t believe that someone could be so cruel, who was supposed to be loving and supportive. For him though, he thought he was telling me what I needed to hear, so he cannot be faulted. The comment was for my own good at heart. You see, he was coming from his own experience. He had never been introduced to true passive income or the kind of support that one receives from a team like we do in network marketing, and therefore was rejecting the idea, calling it lazy. Even though he’d heard about it, he had anger on the inside because somewhere deep down, he wished his life was that way. He wants passive income, he wants supportive friends, he wants happiness in his life. This was a big lesson for me on “considering the source.”

Then another family member, a late comer by marriage, told me I was “crazy” for wanting to have the level of success like the previous man. He literally said, “You’re crazy….” This is someone that is a very nice man, and he is a lot of fun to be around, but his mindset is not set up for wealth. He has never achieved a great level of financial success; neither have many people in his circle of friends. He also tends to have negative imagery of money and people who are wealthy, which will obviously cause him to subconsciously limit his own financial success.

So, in these three examples, one hurt, one felt good, and another aggravated me but didn’t faze me. I have learned to take advice from the one who is the way you want to be. Therefore, if I want financial success, I will take advice from the man with financial success. Always take advice from the ones who are most like you want to be. Do not limit your thinking based on the assumptions of the unaccomplished and the small minded. You are an infinitely abundant being, and the only difference between you and them, is that you are now aware of it!

Abundance in life is reserved for those who think abundantly, so I would encourage you to do away with any negative beliefs or “counter-intentions” you have regarding money, wealth, prosperity, and abundance. Your future wealth depends on it!

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In Prosperity,

Jeff Sokol

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